I was born in Kristiansand , Norway where my family and I lived until I was 16 months old. Both my parents are Dutch and it was not before long we moved back to The Netherlands where I attended school till I was 7.

My parents always had a dream to sail around the world and having the financial opportunity my parents did not hesitate. My dad, mom, my brother and I set out on a 35 foot sail boot and spend the next two years travelling through the Caribbean , Middle and South America ’s before returning to Holland . It was during these travels that I started drawing and making up little worlds of my own to entertain my brother and myself during long crossings.

As a consequence I spend all my High School years drawing in my text books and attending the vice principals office explaining the content of my cartoons which were mostly about him. It was then that I decided to become a cartoonist and/or animator but it was not until my mid 20’s that I got the opportunity to do so by attending the first and only Cartoon School in Amsterdam.

Ever since then I have been animating starting in Macromedia Flash to which a friend introduced me at the Cartoon School , it was version 1.0 and had everything I needed for animating. I later started working freelance on video and commercial productions within The Netherlands.

In 2006 after having moved to The Bahamas, I joined the Animator Mentor program as a student to broaden my animation skills and successfully graduated in 2008.


It was the start of a whole new series of adventures which resulted in moving my family and I from The Bahamas to the UK ,California USA ,Vancouver Canada and back to The Netherlands. I eventually came back to AM in 2011 but this time as a teacher and enjoyed doing so for 2.5 years, however my work hours at the studio at that time made me realize I was spreading myself to thin and I decided to focus more on having my own spare time back.

I am still trying to become a good character animator long after having attended Since AM Ive had the privilege of working for some great studios; Rare, ReelFX,Tippett Studio, DreamWorks SKG , Sony Imageworks, Image Engine, Double Negative, Guerrilla Games.


I am enjoying animation as much as ever if not more and hope to keep growing in my art form.

Peer Lemmers

Image Engine crew Jurassic World
Image Engine crew Jurassic World
Mullins Groebe Lemmers
Mullins Groebe Lemmers
Megamind wrap party
Megamind wrap party

Jurassic World crew - Image Engine 2015 Vancouver BC. A really nice group of people to work with from all over the globe. 

L to R: Chris Mullins, Will Groebe and myself, a small Tippett Studio reunion after giving a workshop lecture at Animation Mentor in Berkeley CA

Dreamworks always had some great wrap partys, this one was for MegaMind where a joke about Jeffrey Katzenbergs blackberry camera lens let to him posing with us for yet another blurry picture.